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Over the years, website design and construction along with the online pathways we use to communicate have evolved to meet newer technologies and the changing needs of millions of users. Globally about 60% of online users access the Internet via mobile devices.

At Site Shack we understand that your online presence must be fresh, relevant and present a strong user interface. And it must engage effectively with our mobile, interconnected world.


News & Classes

Wow! What a summer! Nashville is booming and so is Site Shack! Check out two launches now: Tollgate Village and the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame. Zooming down the track: Alien Audio, Enfield Management, nTier Training, Luke Putney, Forever Events and lots more. 

Remember: We offer one-on-one and corporate training in both applications. Interested in learning more? Contact us now.

Visit our training page for more information or contact us during business hours. We promise to respond. Quickly.


Goals Focused

Site Shack owner and director Judy Wilson began designing and building Web sites in 1994, about 3 months after she saw her first Web site — before going on to Webmaster positions at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Vanderbilt University.

Site Shack opened its doors in January, 2004 with the goal of providing top-notch customer service, rich design and leading edge technical expertise. We aim every day to meet this goal.