WordPress Services

Complete website design and development

Site Shack designs and builds WordPress websites. We can work with existing premium (paid) themes or can build a custom theme from scratch based on your design requirements. Development includes the use of the WordPress.org "core" files with additional customization through plugins and custom coding. If needed, we can create plugins and page templates from scratch to give your website a fully unique look and function.

Even your sparkling new WordPress website will soon (rather than later) require updates of the WordPress core and plugins. It will require user maintenance and periodic security checks. 

Clean up and renovation

About half of Site Shack's WordPress work involves taking over older WordPress sites. Often these sites are under performing in search engines, require version updates and/or are at risk of security breaches. Site Shack provides improved implementation of Search Engine Optimization and other key updates. The process usually begins with WordPress version, theme and plugin updates and goes from there, based on a client's budget and particular needs, all of which is discussed and agreed to prior to commencement of work.

Custom theme design and development

The theme is your WordPress website's interface. Or put another way: The theme is the layout or framework  constructed from HTML combined with the styles contained in your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The main parts of that theme are the header (often presented with an image slideshow), sidebar(s), content area and footer.

There are thousands of WordPress themes available for download at a multitude of websites. Some themes are free while others (known as "premium" themes) cost money. There are bare bones "starter" or "skeleton" themes that provide a very basic code foundation on which to build out your own, custom theme. And there are custom themes -- the ones uniquely designed (starting in Photoshop, typically) according to your specifications. There are also categories of theme styles: simple, magazine, portfolio, ecommerce, real estate etc. 

Whatever your preference (and budget), Site Shack will assist in everything from theme selection to custom design, construction and development.


While WordPress websites are built to allow non-technical end users the opportunity to add, edit and/or delete new content including images and other media, it usually necessary for a client to also familiarize herself with the how-to of WordPress's other bells and whistles.

Following initial conversations with the client, Site Shack determines the type and amount of training needed.  Usually, this is then added as a line item on the Site Shack cost estimate. 

Site Shack also provides ad hoc individual and group training in all areas of WordPress development and maintenance. If you have a WordPress website but are unsure of how to use it (including updating it), call, email or text us. We'd love to hear from you and provide the training solution that works for you.