Squarespace Services

So where does Site Shack come in? Indeed, Squarespace offers a smooth interface for building your site. The template selection is good and there is no shortage of useful tools and features. But there is a learning curve for folks wanting to push Squarespace to its optimal capacity. And frankly, having someone step in with a big box of web skills plus some Squarespace expertise is often the difference between an adequate website and a great one.

The website you're looking at now was built in Squarespace, a popular and very polished type of Content Management System (CMS). We love Squarespace because of its smart design, great looking templates and strong ease of use.  And unlike WordPress self-installed sites, you'll never need to worry about making version updates.

You'll also enjoy the newest bells and whistles that Squarespace regularly makes available.

Is Squarespace right for you? After spending hours under the Squarespace hood, we believe that Squarespace is an optimal platform for persons wanting to build a good looking, highly functional website that requires little to no programming or knowledge of HTML, CSS or javascript (among other tools).

Complete website design and development

Site Shack provides experienced and knowledgeable guidance in the design and development of your Squarespace website. We begin with setting up your Squarespace account, selecting the right theme and then translating your vision into the fully functional, highly optimized website that suits you best.


In many ways, training goes hand in hand with the process of taking a Squarespace website through each step toward launch. Site Shack offers expert construction and training to speed the job and make sure that you're taking advantage of -- and understanding -- all the goodies that Squarepace offers. As with all our training, the approach is hands-on and highly individualized to meet your specific needs and interests.