Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site Shack offers SEO as part of our standard development package and also as a stand-alone service.

SEO in the Website Development Package

Every website that Site Shack builds is optimized for SEO.  For example: each page’s title tag is properly worded and sized. Well written H1 tags are in evidence. Google snippets will appear as clear and relevant. And the robots no allow is turned off in WordPress. (I’ve seen sites where this critical detail was either not understood or forgotten.)

We believe that core SEO is as important and basic as making sure that links don’t break and the page is readable on your mobile device. In fact, baking in a whole lot of SEO goodness for your website starts in the very first client meeting.

What are you selling? Who or what makes up your target demographic and in what order of size and priority (not always the same thing)?  If you have an existing site then where do you show up in Google? And where do you want to be?

Along with stirring in the key ingredients, we continually educate ourselves on the metrics that Google finds most important for ranking a web page. We don’t know Google’s exact search algorithm (a highly guarded secret) but some information is dispensed by Google.  

And information can also be deduced from the results themselves – information widely available online and in some of Nashville’s tech conferences and Meetups.

Site Shack pays attention to this information so that you don’t have to but also – so that you get what you pay for: traffic, customers, conversions and a well placed website.

Curious to learn more about SEO? Visit [URL - 2014/6/29/site-shacks-relevant-resources-summer-2014]

SEO Remediation

Site Shack is often contacted by companies and individuals who are unhappy about their website’s Google page rank (a position reinforced by its showing Google Analytics, assuming there is a functioning Analytics account) but have no idea how to remedy the situation.

It is possible to retrofit an existing website with necessary SEO practices and techniques. We usually also recommend utilizing Social Media (frequently starting with Twitter) to further extend your website's reach. Often the first round of work involves making basic (but very important) modifications.

Spending too much time looking for your website? Worried that others don’t even see it?

We freely admit that taking a website that’s performing poorly in Google’s page rankings for key queries and then turning that unfortunate ranking into pride of place is one of our very favorite things to do.

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