Drupal Services

If WordPress is a bungalow with a 2-car garage and fenced in yard, then Drupal is an industrial warehouse, capable of storing tons of manufactured goods and running the machinery that produces them. The fact is, both systems work well but depending on what you need, one will probably serve your goals better than the other.

So when do you need Drupal? The simple answer: that depends on how large and complex your project is. Yes, WordPress and Squarespace can be modified to accommodate large projects that include a sophisticated site architecture. But with the requisite technical know-how, Drupal can handle those complexities straight out- of-the-box. Put another way, Drupal's internal or core architecture has much greater capacity and function than WordPress and Squarespace.

Complete website design and development

Site Shack carefully considers the wisdom of employing Drupal as its content management system (CMS) of choice for a particular project. Part of our decision to use Drupal depends on the client's technical infrastructure and possible prior experience with Drupal. Cost is (as always) a factor but Drupal projects, with their typically greater programmatic complexity, will require more time and expense.

When you come to us to discuss your website needs, a portion of our conversation will address the CMS that we believe will work best for you, keeping in mind that the final decision is yours.

Clean up and renovation

Site Shack does not take over existing Drupal websites.

Custom theme design and development

While there are many attractive themes for Drupal, it may be that your website's design will require something completely unique. For us, it's a favorite part of the process to work with a client to create that special design. Basically, the process involves conversations (sometimes over weeks and months) about everything from layout, color, imagery, menu design to of course, how the site will display on handheld devices. With your input, we work in Photoshop to produce these designs and then post them online for your review. Once the design is approved, the translation commences and the design is converted to a theme.

Drupal Training

Site Shack does not provide Drupal training.